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The 95 Degrees Mashup is a yearly live event to celebrate the server's anniversary.

The first Mashup event went live on YouTube in 2018, followed by another YouTube stream in 2019. From 2020 onwards, the Mashup events were moved to Twitch - sacrificing YouTube's quality options feature for a lower latency overall.

The shows are pre-recorded, with live and interactive segments overlayed. This is to ensure good pacing and to minimise delays.

95 Degrees Mashup 2018

95 Degrees Mashup 2018

The 95 Degrees Mashup 2018 was streamed live on Twitch on 13th July 2018, exactly two years after the server was created.

The stream began with a 15-minute 'starting soon' screen, followed by a 2-minute countown.

The stream was live for 44 minutes overall, peaking at 35 viewers and averaging 24 viewers.

Notable segments

  • The 95 Degrees Network was announced, allowing server members to 'partner' their Twitch streams or Discord servers with the server in exchange for cross-promotion. Partnered streamers had to include the server widget (including the server link) visible on-stream in order to have their stream notifications enabled.
  • "95 DEGREES RAP SONG" by Keith
  • Redbubble merchandise store announcement
  • Instagram account announcement

95 Degrees Birthday Awards

Awards were given out to members of the community for titles such as "Best Avatar".

Award Winner
Best Avatar Max
Degreecoin Hoarder Nonce (Ross)
Biggest Nerd Grimhof
Most Active in Text Chat Nonce (Ross)
Most Active in Voice Chat Vince (mydogisadork)


  • The stream lagged during the countdown segment - this was due to Nath trying to screen-record while streaming the event, which was cancelled.

95 Degrees Mashup 2019

95 Degrees Mashup 2019

The 95 Degrees Mashup returned in 2019 with updated branding and animations to coincide with the 95 Degrees v3 rebrand. This was the final time the event was streamed on YouTube.

2019's Mashup aimed to increase audience interactivity via Twitter integration, quizzes, and a Minecraft server during the pre-show.

The stream was live for 54 minutes overall, peaking at 36 viewers and averaging 24 viewers - almost the exact same as 2018.


The 95 Degrees Mashup 2019 began with a 30-minute pre-show to ensure everyone was watching the stream when the show officially began.

To fill time, viewers were encouraged to to "Tweet us an image using #95DegreesMashup!" and join a Minecraft creative server to build things related to the server. Tweets from viewers including the hashtag were displayed on-screen.

Quizzes were also displayed on-screen, and the audience was given 10 seconds to type "a", "b", "c" or "d" in the YouTube chat to vote - however, due to the YouTube stream delay, by the time viewers were able to see the poll on their screens, the voting process had already ended. In addition to the confusion, the polls system still counted votes while no polls were active, and there was no limit on the amount of votes one user could submit - so when the next poll was started, the system had counted multiple votes before the question was even visible to viewers. The quiz system was custom-built by William, a now-inactive member.

Notable segments

  • "Start The Match" lyric video
  • New/updated level roles announcement
  • New Barista tease / announcement
  • "Moving to Skype" joke segment

95 Degrees Awards

2019's Mashup awards were laid out as Superlatives.

Award Nominees Winner
Most Likely to Become A Millionaire Frida



Most Likely to Get on Starboard Ducky / Cara



Ducky / Cara
Who Has the Best Laugh? Charlie

Blue Dude


Who's the Best Person to Talk to When Upset? Ry





Who's the Funniest Member? TagmanBeesley





  • The event was called "95 Degrees Mashup 2" as it went live, but was renamed to "95 Degrees Mashup 2019" in the future.
  • During the pre-show's Minecraft segment, some viewers built inappropriate structures and attempted to break the camera using Tridents.
  • The first 18 minutes of the pre-show included no music.
  • After a poll ended and disappeared, the screen flashed white. This was a bug that couldn't be fixed in time for the event.
  • The polls for most Trivia segments didn't appear because Nath was busy setting up the new roles as the event was being streamed.
  • This was the first 95 Degrees Mashup event to include a small list of selected nominees for each award.
  • The majority of the show was set up as a pre-rendered video, with live segments (such as trivia) overlayed on top. The first 30 minutes of the pre-show were set up in OBS and streamed live, allowing different screens to appear - such as the Tweets screen or the Minecraft building screen. Four minutes before the show began, the stream almost-seamlessly transitioned to a pre-recorded video - you can see the transition at 30:08 when the countdown text moves.

95 Degrees Mashup 2020

95 Degrees Mashup 2020!

The 95 Degrees Mashup 2020 was the first Mashup event to be streamed on Twitch. The change was made to ensure a lower latency - however, due to Nath's Twitch channel not having access to stream re-encoding (which provides access to lower quality options in the event of buffering or poor quality connections), all viewers were forced to watch the stream in full 1080p, 60fps quality - leaving some viewers out of sync and experiencing buffering.


As the event was now streamed on Twitch, viewers were now able to use Twitch's native polls UI for Trivia segments in the pre-show and the main event.

2020 marked the first year of the Twitch Chat Printer, allowing viewers to type messages into the Twitch chat and watch it get printed in real time by a small POS-type printer on Nath's desk.

2020 was also the first and only year to feature Gartic On Stream as a pre-show segment, allowing viewers to guess the titles of simple drawings together by typing guesses into the Twitch chat.

Superlatives were replaced with the 95 Degrees Mashup Awards. For the first time, members of the community were invited to present awards in the show. New award title animations with particle backgrounds were introduced, paired with background music.

Notable segments

  • Printing Twitch Chat
  • New XP/Levels system announcement
  • Best Avatar award video

95 Degrees Mashup 2021


The 95 Degrees Mashup 2021 was the first Mashup to represent the new 95 Degrees v4 branding, with an updated font and the inclusion of a slightly modified blue gradient.

Thanks to Twitch's re-encoding feature being unlocked, the buffering and quality issue from last year was not an issue from 2021 onwards.

The 95 Degrees mashup 2021 had the highest concurrent viewer count, peaking at 46 viewers.

2021 was also the first and only year to feature Stream Racer as a pre-show segment, allowing viewers to 'race' cars around a virtual racetrack, with the winner randomly decided.

The show concluded with a lyric video to a cover of Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon, performed by Kiichan - a mutual member of Nath's stream team, Rice Bowl. Lyrics were projected onto Nath's bedroom wall, and footage was captured by various smartphones, a webcam and a Nintendo 3DS. This would be the first in a new tradition of 95 Degrees Mashup shows ending with lyric videos.


  • New "v4" gradient-based branding
  • Winners of the 95 Degrees Mashup Awards were now able to submit speech videos, played immediately after winning their reward.
  • "Shelter" lyric video


  • Creating a new race in Stream Racer was extremely CPU intensive, causing the stream to freeze and cut out for a few seconds.

95 Degrees Mashup 2022

95 Degrees Mashup 2022!

The 95 Degrees 2022 continued the use of the 95 Degrees v4 branding from last year, this time including looping assorted clips that represent the 95 Degrees brand and community - such as the 3D printed "95" logo, 95 Degrees' appearance in Reddit /r/place 2022, and clips from 95 LIVE.

In the pre-show, Stream Racer was replaced by Marbles On Stream - similar in gameplay, but without the lag issues presented by Stream Racer.

2022 marked an increase in experimental segments, such as the Fiverr Intros segment - with Nath commissioning a Fiverr studio to "produce" various intro animations with the 95 Degrees Mashup branding, and Mr. Nath Sky - years worth of Twitch stream clips synchronised to the beat of Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.

Close to the end of the 2022 Mashup, Tag was announced as a returning Barista.

The show ended with a lyric video for "So They Say" from the Tetris Effect soundtrack, paired with visuals from the game. The credits appear towards the end of the song.


  • A VHS filter was added to the stream while the popular vaporwave song HOME - Resonance played during the pre-show.
  • During one of the interactive Trivia sections, Nath's internet completely dropped for about 5 minutes, resulting in the show being completely cut off for that period. When the internet connection finally returned, the VHS filter was accidentally re-enabled for about a minute. In the YouTube VOD, this is edited out by replacing the affected segment with the original pre-recorded video - at the cost of the interactive elements and overlays like the Twitch chat being lost.

95 Degrees Mashup 2023

95 Degrees Mashup 2023!

The 95 Degrees Mashup was home to many firsts for the series, such as licensed music from Epidemic Sound.

For the first time, 2023's Mashup featured no announcements about events for the upcoming week; instead focusing on fewer events on a bigger scale, with dates TBA.

2023 was also the first year to completely retire the News segments, instead opting to dive directly into announcements instead of using the News intro, music and animations.

7 Years of 95 Degrees - A Look Back

7 Years of 95 Degrees - A Look Back

The show ended with a tribute to the server's 7th anniversary, illustrating the server's birth, rapid growth and evolution over time with synchronised member and total message counts. Each month's member and total message counts were manually retrieved and keyframed into After Effects, making the number counts almost perfectly accurate throughout the entire video - this is especially visible from June 2017 onwards, as the member count rapidly grows into the thousands, mirroring the server's rapid expansion during that time.

Notable segments

  • Server Subscriptions announcement
  • 95 Degrees Summer Games announcement
  • [REDACTED] game show announcement
  • "The Biggest Among Us Lobby" compilation video/event announcement
  • Minecraft Talent Show announcement
  • "7 years of 95 Degrees - A Look Back" compilation


  • The show almost had to be delayed, as the project was running into multiple render errors in Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder just days before the event was due to go live.
  • The 7 Years of 95 Degrees - A Look Back segment took months to complete, with the gathering of footage, keyframing the statistics and animating titles requiring an extensive amount of time to produce.