Customer of the Month

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Customer of the Month (CotM) was a monthly award for 95 Degrees members that was awarded by the Staff team at the beginning of each month. This award recognised a member's contribution to the server over the past month or more. While there were no formal benchmarks for receiving nominations, members were usually discussed and selected as Customer of the Month based on one or many factors, including:

  • Text/Voice Channel activity
  • Embodying community spirit
  • Being a core member of the community over a long period

Earning this award would give you the hoisted Customer of the Month role which allowed you to appear separately on the member list with a colour of your choice. While the 95 Degrees Podcast was running, the Customer of the Month was also invited to speak along with the staff and the Podcasters.

Award Recipients

Date Member
October 2016 Gabi
November 2016 Ry
December 2016 MilitantCow
January 2017 Crazynahema
February 2017 Jackflip
March 2017 Ian
April 2017 Sammie
May 2017 Sloth
June 2017 Josh
July 2017 Grimhof
August 2017 Quoth
September 2017 Mydog
October 2017 Haruka
November 2017 Alpha Max
December 2017 Ayaka
January 2018 DevilCyborg
February 2018 Peru
March 2018 Birb
April 2018 Angel
May 2018 Frida
June 2018 Nonce
July 2018 TagmanBeesley
August 2018 Mino
September 2018 Fran
October 2018 Fate
November 2018 Jordan
December 2018 Koli
January 2019 Scy
February 2019 Aled
March 2019 Cara
April 2019 Cobra
May 2019 Shay
June 2019 Ry
July 2019 Charlie
August 2019 Queen
September 2019 Kari
October 2019 Snowy
November 2019 Jody
December 2019 Wolfie
January 2020 John
February 2020 Kiwi
March 2020 Allan
April 2020 DG
May 2020 Aeprl
June 2020 Lily
July 2020 Lucy
August 2020 Saku
September 2020 NotGaylien
October 2020 Yorkie
November 2020 Ethan
December 2020 Ana
January 2021 N00t
February 2021 Mr Tumble
March 2021 Weebism
April 2021 Aidan
May 2021 Xeco
June 2021 Pusheen
July 2021 Andreas
August 2021 Flor12344
September 2021 Nia
October 2021 Swati
November 2021 Dilu
December 2021 Allie
January 2022 Foxy


  • There were two rules regarding members who would not be eligible for consideration as Customer of the Month. Firstly, no member who had been awarded CotM in the past would be eligible for the award again. Secondly, current members of the staff team were not eligible for the award. However, these rules were both eventually broken:
    1. Ry was awarded Customer of the Month for the second time in June 2019, in a show of support after ostensibly recovering from a coma.
    2. Swati was awarded Customer of the Month while being an active staff member. There was a lack of any clear candidate from outside the staff team while Swati easily met the other criteria.
  • Slots for custom emotes were very limited in number in the past. However, earning the Customer of the Month award would guarantee you a permanent custom emoji slot in 95 Degrees.

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