Frequently Asked Questions

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The 95 Degrees Discord server, founded in 2016, is home to thousands of members worldwide. This quick-start guide will help you navigate the server, use bots and understand the rules.

What is 95 Degrees about?

We're glad you asked! 95 Degrees is a humble community server home to thousands of people around the world, and hosts events, giveaways, and more. We talk about almost anything - it's a great place to hang out when you're bored, stuck somewhere boring or if you simply want to waste time. We got started in July 2016, and have grown a lot over the years!

How do I level up?

You can level up by earning XP. You can check how much XP you have by using /xp. Below are all the ways XP can be earned while in the server:

  • Talking in any text channel, which will give you 6 XP per message with a 6 second cool-down. Excessive spam is not counted.
  • Actively talking in any voice channel, which will give you 1 XP per minute as long as you're unmuted/undeafened and not alone.
  • Listening to 95 Degrees Radio. This is capped after awhile of listening so it cannot be farmed.
  • Bumping the server with the bump commands in #bot-spam. A small amount of XP is given for each successful bump using any of the bump bots.
  • Boosting the server also grants extra XP.

For more information about XP, check the Wiki page for XP.

What do I get from levelling up?

When you reach certain levels, you unlock ranks - most of which come with perks, allowing you to do more in the server.

Level Rank Unlocks
Level 3 Customers
  • Use external emojis in the server
  • Unlock table voice channels
Level 10 Short
  • Unlock Minecraft SMP access
  • Unlock #selfies
  • Unlock Gaming voice channel access
  • Make thread channels
Level 20 Tall
  • Unlock Streaming Room voice channel access
Level 30 Grande
  • Ability to opt into 95 Degrees Archive channels
Level 40 Venti
  • Bypass Dyno auto moderation
Level 50 Trenta -
Level 60 Bronze -
Level 75 Silver -
Level 90 Gold -
Level 100 Mugs
  • Choose one of four available role colours for your name.
What are Degreecoins, and how can I earn/spend them?

All the information you need to know about Degreecoins are on the Degreecoins wiki page.

What is the Cafe Regulars role?

The Cafe Regulars role is given out to active and trusted members of the 95 Degrees community, and have limited moderation powers that can be used in case a Barista is unavailable to take action. Please do not ask to be given the role - it is given to selected members if and when it is suitable.

Where can I put my image/video/link?

If you want to post an image/video/link irrelevant to an ongoing conversation, post it in #media.

I have an idea for the server!

Awesome! You can make a post in #suggestions and the Staff will consider your idea.

Can I submit feedback?

Yes! DM Guardian with !feedback, followed by what you'd like to say. Your message will be sent to the staff team anonymously.

Why is Discord blocking my picture?

In order to use certain community features built into Discord, a NSFW image filter has been enabled in the server. It may falsely flag up normal/SFW images accidentally. In order to circumvent this, if possible, post the image in multiple separate parts.

Can I be unmuted/unbanned?

Contact a member of staff.

Can I partner with 95 Degrees?

Contact @Nath#0095.