Pusheen eated muffin

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pusheen has a muffin
pusheen has a muffin

On 12th June 2023, 95 Degrees user Pusheen eated a muffin. Initially, a calm moment sharing her raspberry filled muffin purchased from Lidl, this soon escalated into a continuous bite progress report with threats of murder by barista Nia if the bites continued.

Nia soon took hostage of 95 Degrees users Bubbles and Xeco as Pusheen continued taking bites of the muffin, they were promptly shot dead.

It was confirmed by Nia, now taking hostage of the entire server, that if Pusheen were to take less or more than 14 bites exactly it would kill everyone present (including the president).

At 20:33 BST it was confirmed Pusheen did eat exactly 14 bites of the muffin, allowing the remaining hostages in the server to leave. Pusheen confirmed the muffin was a 7/10 👍.