Server Rules

From 95 Degrees Wiki

To keep 95 Degrees a safe place for everyone, we enforce rules that all members of any rank should respect if they wish to talk in the server.

Rule 1 - 16+ only

You must be 16 years old or older to be in the server. If you are under 16, we kindly ask you to leave - or you will be kicked by a member of staff.

Rule 2 - Please speak English only

If you are not able to - or refuse to - speak English, you'll be kicked from the server.

Rule 3 - Be kind and friendly

Rudeness, harassment and offensive memes are not tolerated.

Rule 4 - Use correct text channels

Use #vent for sensitive topics (when you unlock it,) #off-topic for pictures and links unrelated to the ongoing conversation, #bot-spam for commands, and the rest are self-explanatory. Anything NSFW is not allowed.

Rule 5 - Advertising

You're allowed to share links to things you've made, as long as that's not the only reason you're here. Invites to other servers and DM advertising is not allowed.

Rule 6 - Discord Terms of Service and Guidelines

Please make sure you're following Discord's Terms of Service.

Rule 7 - Use common sense

Don't harass other members, circumvent bans, use alt accounts without permission, raid, dox, act immature constantly, spam, record voice chats without permission, overuse voice changers, etc.

Rule 8 - 3 strikes and you're out!

You'll receive a warning if you don’t follow these rules. After three warnings, you'll be kicked from the server. If you join instantly after you've been kicked, you'll be banned (including alt accounts).