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Degreecoins are a form of currency within 95 Degrees handled by Guardian.

All members of the server can earn Degreecoins while talking in the server and engaging with certain server activities and features and then spend them on various things or exchange them with other members.

Earning Degreecoins

You can earn Degreecoins in the server by:

  • Earning your streak by talking every day.
    • For reaching a 1-day streak, you will receive 10 Degreecoins.
    • For reaching a 2-day streak, you will receive 20 Degreecoins.
    • And so on, this will continue until a 200-day streak where it will cap at 2000 Degreecoins.
  • Unlocking Achievements for completing certain objectives.
  • Purchasing and getting the winning lottery ticket.
  • Receiving Degreecoins from another member if they transfer to you using /coins give.
  • Being part of the winning team in a Team Tournament.
  • Playing /doubleornothing.

Using Degreecoins

You can spend your earned Degreecoins by:

  • Bidding on the Custom Role, which allows you to have your own spot on the member list with a name and colour, when its available.
  • /gnome-ing someone, which DMs another member a Gnome GIF without saying who sent it.
  • Entering Hunger Games events.
  • Using /order to "order" an item, which a Barista will serve to you.
  • Paying for a lottery ticket.
  • Entering a team in a Team Tournament event.
  • Sending another member Degreecoins using /coins give.
  • Purchasing a profile background image.