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Developer VoidInVoid

Guardian v2 is the second version of Guardian, a custom-built, feature-rich Discord bot that handles Join banners, logs, moderation and more. The original Guardian bot, added early in the server's history, was created by Jaetpa. The current version, Guardian v2, was developed by VoidInVoid, due to Jae frequently being too busy to maintain the original. The original version still exists in the server, offering some additional commands developed by Jae.


Guardian v2 includes various features - including, but not limited to:

  • Yearly 95 Degrees Recap videos
  • Kick and ban commands
  • Join banner image generation
  • XP, Levels and Profiles system
  • Activity tracking
  • Purchasing of the Custom Role, allowing a member to have their own role on the member list.
  • AI communication with users through the persona of Barry, 63 using OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo.


  • While Guardian launched in September 2019, development for it started at the end of January earlier that year, based on the then-new 95 Degrees Radio.
  • There are a few features and games within Guardian's code which are disabled due to being incomplete. These games include a version of the Countdown game show and the Hangman word game.