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Server information
Personal information
LocationNorthampton, GB
Date of Birth08/12/1995

Jaetpa, commonly known as jae, is the second longest serving member of the staff team behind Nath. Born in Northampton, England, he has been a moderator on 95 Degrees since October 2016. Jae is usually found in the text channels, making silly jokes about things that mildly irritate people or just passively keeping an eye on things. Jae wrote the original implementation of Guardian, the official 95 Degrees server moderation bot. It has since been superseded by Guardian V2. Jae is known for his interests in coding, music and gaming and can often be spotted doing or talking about these things. He is currently working as a software developer.


  • Jae's first message in 95 Degrees was "Does this count as instantly leaving?"
  • Jae often recalls things that happened in the server a long time ago and provides screenshots, to the amazement of the people who remember and the dismay of newer members
  • Jae is usually incredibly quiet and reserved in real life, despite the massive server score from long-term participation in conversations.