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When talking in 95 Degrees, members can earn XP that will allow them to level up, earn higher role ranks and unlock access to new parts of the server. The amount of XP a member has earned can be viewed with the Guardian command /xp, which shows the exact amount of XP earned and what level you're on.

Earning XP

Below are all the ways XP can be earned while in the server:

  • Talking in any text channel, which will give you 6 XP per message with a 6 second cool-down. Excessive spam is not counted.
  • Actively talking in any voice channel, which will give you 1 XP per minute as long as you're unmuted/undeafened and not alone.
  • Bumping the server with the bump commands in #bot-spam. A small amount of XP is given for each successful bump using any of the bump bots.


Members can use various commands to view their level as well as other related data, including:

  • /xp: Shows your current level / rank, exact amount of XP and how much XP is required to reach your next rank.
  • /leaderboard experience: A list of the top earning members for XP in the whole server.

Level Reference

Level Rank Unlocks
Level 3 Customers
  • Use external emojis in the server
  • Unlock table voice channels
  • Unlock image permissions
Level 10 Short
  • Unlock Minecraft SMP access
  • Unlock #selfies
  • Unlock #vent
  • Unlock Gaming voice channel
  • Make thread channels
Level 20 Tall
  • Unlock Streaming Room voice channel access
Level 30 Grande
  • Ability to opt into 95 Degrees Archive channels
Level 40 Venti
  • Bypass Dyno auto moderation
Level 50 Trenta -
Level 60 Bronze -
Level 75 Silver -
Level 90 Gold -
Level 100 Mugs
  • Choose one of four available role colours for your name.

Once reaching level 100, you will continue to level up and earn XP but there are no more benefits.