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Server information
RoleBarista / Developer
Personal information
LocationLondon, GB
Date of Birth24/05/2001

Hyuua, real name Harry, is a member of 95 Degrees' staff team serving as barista and developer. He joined the server in February 2020 and joined staff a year later in January 2021.

Hyuua has helped contribute to Guardian with the API for generating its join images, as well as writing the Bannerista bot that generates the server's banner image above the channel list. The 95 Degrees Website, originally created by Nath, was also re-built by Hyuua in 2022 to refresh its look with the newer 95 Degrees branding.


  • Hyuua is overly obsessed with K-POP and makes this fact very known to everybody that talks to him.
  • Hyuua changes his profile picture to a variety of Korean Idols quite consistently, so do not rely on using it to recognize him.
  • Hyuua has a dog called Gráinne, though she is more commonly known in 95 Degrees as "Doofus" because she looks dopey.